On 24 June 2015 the Vietnam National Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of the 336.7 trillion Vietnamese dong ($15.8 billion) project, which will be built in three phases, from now until 2018, from 2020 to 2035 and from 2035 to 2050.

The growth in civil aviation in India has thrown up many opportunities for foreign companies. Some of the areas where foreign companies can look for business in India’s aerospace market are as follows:

De deelstaat Gujarat levert een belangrijke bijdrage aan de Indiase economie. Dit is de uitkomst van een onlangs gehouden wereldwijde marktstudie naar de concurrentiepositie van landen en regio’s.

The port sector in Ghana is the vehicle for economic growth. Whereas Ghana previously benefitted from an increase of cargo flow due to the political turmoil in Côte d’Ivoire; in 2013, the growth in traffic volumes slowed down.

This report aims at providing sectorial overview of the Ports Sector of Gujarat that can lead to business opportunities for Dutch companies.

This report presents a ‘monitoring framework’ that allows Dutch companies to identify opportunities to offer their solutions within the investment projects of multilateral climate funds. The monitoring framework focuses primarily on the cleantech, water management and agricultural sectors.

An enabling policy environment and higher electricity/gas tariffs provide increasing opportunities for investments in renewable energy. Moreover, if designed well, such investments could benefit from subsidies provided by donors and/or climate financing through the voluntary market.

This report focuses on the horticulture sector and highlights opportunities for Dutch companies in various fields like Protected Cultivation, Seeds, Irrigation Technologies, and Human Resources Development.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has initiated consultancy for the following works:
O Rehabilitation & expansion of the following airports:
 Muzaffarabad
 Rawalkot
 D.I. Khan
 Bannu

The health sector in Ghana is in transition from a mainly government managed public sector to greater diversity of health services providers. The public sector faces many challenges in terms of financing and the resulting diminishing quality of basic services.