An enabling policy environment and higher electricity/gas tariffs provide increasing opportunities for investments in renewable energy. Moreover, if designed well, such investments could benefit from subsidies provided by donors and/or climate financing through the voluntary market.

This report focuses on the horticulture sector and highlights opportunities for Dutch companies in various fields like Protected Cultivation, Seeds, Irrigation Technologies, and Human Resources Development.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has initiated consultancy for the following works:
O Rehabilitation & expansion of the following airports:
 Muzaffarabad
 Rawalkot
 D.I. Khan
 Bannu

The health sector in Ghana is in transition from a mainly government managed public sector to greater diversity of health services providers. The public sector faces many challenges in terms of financing and the resulting diminishing quality of basic services.

De vraag naar slachthuizen, vleesverwerkingsmachines en expertise in vleesverwerking neemt het komende jaar naar verwachting snel toe in Pakistan.

As a mostly agricultural economy, farmers in Pakistan produce approximately 7.3 million tons of fruits and 7.2 million tons of vegetables annually. Due to lack of post-harvest care which includes handling, logistics and cold storage facilities 25% of the produce is wasted.

With an increasing population, a rapid urbanization and a growing economy, Ghana faces many challenges related to water and sanitation, including waste management.

De havenautoriteit van Karachi (Karachi Port Trust, KPT) nodigt internationale consultants gespecialiseerd in zee- en waterfrontprojecten uit om voorstellen in te dienen voor de gedetailleerde planning en ontwerp van nieuwe aanlegplaatsen en een draaicirkel in de Upper Harbour van de Karachi Have

Nederlandse innovatie op het gebied van water beheer en landbouw naar Bangladesh brengen. Dat is het idee achter het Blue Gold Innovation Fund: een fonds dat deel uitmaakt van het Blue Gold Programma van de Nederlandse ambassade in Bangladesh.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Accra (EKN) is interested to support Dutch businesses in the aquaculture sector in Ghana.