Engineering industry India

Engineering industry India

Dutch companies have a lot of opportunities in the expanding Indian engineering market. Some of the areas where Dutch companies can explore, export and invest in the Indian engineering sector are as follows:

Infrastructure: construction, engineering, machinery and equipment supply, planning and  design.

Power: technology transfer, equipment supply, consultancy.

Defence: R&D, equipment supply, technology transfer.

Automotive components: design, R&D.

Material handling equipment: supply of equipment, technology transfer, local manufacture.

Machine tools: supply of equipment, machinery, technology transfer.

Process Industry: design, technology transfer, supply of equipment and machinery, local manufacture.

Medical and surgical equipment: supply of high-tech equipment, technology transfer, local manufacture.

Agriculture machinery: supply of dairy, poultry, horticulture and food processing machinery and equipment, technology transfer, R&D and local manufacture.

Aerospace: design, R&D, supply of components and local manufacture.