Afrika Works! - Innovation in Finance 2016!

Afrika Works! - Innovation in Finance 2016!

do, 11/08/2016 - 17:05 | Partos
Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam
The third edition of NABC’s flagship conference Africa Works! promises to be a prominent B2B platform that focuses on Africa’s growing economies. Africa Works!, founded in 2012 by the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) and the African Studies Centre (ASC), is a leading international platform dedicated to inform, inspire, connect and catalyze the private sector with Africa’s business opportunities.

This year our theme is ‘Innovation in Finance’. With its unique resources and sheer size, Africa is now taking the lead in the development of inventive products and services that require smart, innovative, and practical financing solutions.

Whether you are a representative of an SME, a corporate entity, an entrepreneurial startup, or a non-profit organisation, Africa Works! is the best way to get caught up on new solutions and developments in the financial sector. Further, participants will have the chance to network with representatives from the financial industry such as investment funds, banks, and other service providers.

As a participant at Africa Works! you can seize the opportunity to realize your African business objectives. During the exhibition and workshops you will gain onthe-ground insights in Africa's innovative finance sector. You will be inspired by high-level keynote speakers and you will have the opportunity to network and do business with over 500 other participants whom all share the same vision: being a part of the African growth story. We are looking forward to having you as participant at Afrika Works! 2016.

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